Breast Intervention Masterclass 2019+

Defining the lines, advancing together

Nisha Sharma

The role of VAE in management of B3 lesions

Julia Camps

Role of MRI in managing high risk lesions & case studies

Sarah Pinder

Pathology perspective of VAE – challenges faced

Silvia Pérez, Julia Camps

Are radiologists ready to draw the line of pCR?

Laura García Estévez

Oncologist’s view

Stuart McIntosh

Surgical perspective on omission of surgery post Neoadjuvant therapy

Sarah Pinder

Pathology perspective of VAE in pCR

Stuart McIntosh

SMALL trial – The role of VAE to manage good prognostic tumours

Breast Intervention Masterclass 2020+

From diagnosis to treatment

Erkin Aribal

MR only detected lesions is MR guided biopsy the only option?

Mercedes Torres

Role of vacuum assisted procedures in breast pathology: from diagnosis to percutaneous treatment

Mercedes Torres

Why and when breast biopsy should be performed?

International Oncology Summit 2021+

An innovative pathway to the future

Julia Camps


Mercedes Torres

Focal asymmetric density with associated distortion VAE-guided with 7G probe

Mercedes Torres, Silvia Perez

Q&A Session

Nisha Sharma

The management of indeterminate B3 lesions – UK experience

Daniela Bernardi

CNB and VAB indications and diagnostic performances

Nisha Sharma, Julia Camps, Daniela Bernardi

Q&A Session

Diana Zaniewska

VAB or VAE? – clinical application of both breast biopsy techniques

Nuha Khoumais, Wafa Alkhayal, Meteb Al Foheidi

N.G. & King Faisal specialist Hospital & Research Center

Nisha Sharma, Diana Zaniewska, Nuha Khoumais, Wafa Alkhayal, Meteb Al Foheidi

Q&A Session

Athanasios Nasos Zouzos

VAE – experience and ongoing projects

Ritse Mann

Mini VAB study

Constance Elfgen, Athanasios Nasos Zouzos, Ritse Mann

Q&A Session

Wafa Alkhayal

BC treatment & complications

Almamoon Justaniah, Wafa Alkhayal, Kimberlee Hanna

Q&A Session

Breast Intervention Masterclass 2022+

Pushing the boundaries, from diagnosis to therapeutics


Anna Russo

Literature Review CNB vs VAB

Eva Fallenberg

Biopsy Management for patients on blood thinning drugs & how to manage

Nisha Sharma, Claudia Kurtz

B3 Lesions Guidelines & Management. UK vs Switzerland

Shaza AlSharif

B2/B3 lesions management in Gulf region

Stuart McIntosh

SMALL – VAE versus surgery for screen-detected breast cancer: a phase III clinical trial

Julia Camps

How to decrease number of MRI-guided biopsy using US-guided VAB

Fleur Kilburn-Toppin

Imaging and markers in the axilla

Rodrigo Alcántara

CEM Guided Biopsy. An alternative to MRI-guidance

Daniel Eiroa

Improving positive predictive value of imaging using AI before biopsy


Claudia Kurtz

Workshop Introduction – Tomo guided VAB

Sofiane Derrouis

Workshop VAB

Rodrigo Alcántara

Workshop Mamo GE

Ana Rodríguez

Workshop VAE

Michael Pusen

Workshop MRI breast biopsy

Breast Intervention Masterclass 2023+

Together pushing the boundaries

Jaco Cloete

CNB: Where we come from and where we are right now.
Challenges that led us to Vaccuum biopsy

Heleen Hanekom

Indications of Vacuum Assisted Biopsy

Jonathan James

What to consider when doing a Vacuum Assisted Biopsy

Nisha Sharma

MRI guided breast biopsy

Nisha Sharma

Management of high risk / B3 lesions: guidelines and Leeds/Wakefield practice

Stuart McIntosh

The SMALL trial. De-escalating surgery for low risk breast cancer

Stuart McIntosh

B3 lesions. The breast surgeon’s perspective

Aadila Fakier

What does the South Africa data show

Panel discussion. Clinical cases. Q&A