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Frequently asked questions

What is vacuum assisted biopsy?

Is vacuum assisted biopsy a new procedure?

What are the advantages of vacuum assisted biopsy
compared to surgery?

What is the difference between vacuum assisted biopsy
and other breast biopsies where needles are used?

Is vacuum assisted biopsy painful?

Does vacuum assisted biopsy leave a scar?

Is vacuum assisted biopsy suitable for everybody?

My doctor has recommended that I have a breast biopsy,
can I avoid going into surgery?

Is there a limitation to the size of lesion which can be removed?

How long does the procedure take?

What can I expect after the procedure?

When would vacuum assisted biopsy (VAB) or vacuum
assisted excision (VAE) not be the most appropriate option?

These videos will walk you through the most common questions and answers about breast biopsy, and specifically about a Vacuum Assisted Biopsy and Vacuum Assisted Excision

What is a vacuum assisted biopsy?

Vacuum assisted biopsy aftercare

Vacuum assisted excision. What is a B3 lesion?