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The goal of this website, developed by BD, is to educate the public and healthcare professionals about breast biopsy, especially vacuum techniques. These vacuum techniques are referred to as vacuum assisted biopsy (VAB) and vacuum assisted excision (VAE). The VAB and VAE techniques are minimally invasive alternatives to open surgery and are based on current guidelines.

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The website contains procedural animations, articles, clinical procedures videos, publications, and VAB/VAE technique guidelines as well as BD Masterclass recordings. Content targeted to healthcare professionals requires acknowledgment and registration to obtain access.

This website contains information about therapies that might be not approved in your country.

About VAB

Vacuum assisted biopsy (VAB) is a breast biopsy technique that can make surgery unnecessary for diagnosis confirmation and the treatment of multiple benign lesions in women.

  • No hospital stay is required.
  • It is performed under local anaesthesia.
  • It may leave a small or no scar.
  • It is possible to return to normal life in a few days.

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